Yet Another Unlicensed Military Building Outed in HCMC

Another building built without construction permit on military land in Ho Chi Minh City, the Asian High School, has been reported by urban development officials.

Many unlicensed structures on District 10’s Thanh Thai Street were forced to shut down early this year, but construction of the six-storey Asian High School at 177 Cao Thang Street was carried on regardless.

District authorities faced obstacles in inspecting the site because it is on land belonging to the military and is thus closed to outside administrators.

But after the inspection team was frustrated by the military zoning impediment there was an accident injuring six at the site.

The People’s Committee of District 10 decided to fine the investors, the Tai Loc construction company and the military’s Z756 Factory, and have issued an order that the building’s construction be suspended. Work on the site continues however.

According to the Department of Planning and Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City, no educational facilities are allowed to be built on the Z756 Factory’s land, except office buildings and trade centers.

As with the military’s unlicensed White Palace business complex’ construction, a construction permit has yet to be issued but the building has, rather ironically, already been licensed to conduct business.

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By Duong Minh Anh – Translated by Kim Khanh

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