Young people spend overnight in convenience stores

Ho Chi Minh City has around 1,200 convenience stores where sell confectioneries, soft beverage, beer, ice-cream, coffee, instant noodle and fast foods.
Buyers can have their food at the stores, which placed tables and chairs to serve demand.
At day, young people flock to the 24-hour stores where serve coffee, milk while it is destination in night of several young people.
According to a survey of convenience stores at night, most teenagers enjoy their time in these stores. C.K store in Nguyen Trai Street in district 1 at mid night, five young people were talking about an excited topic that made the store air livelier. Staffs seemed to get familiar with them.
For a while, more young people dropped in the store to buy take-away food or eat instant noodle or sushi packs. Staff Phuong said today is quieter than weekends when are busier with more consumers.
Three young people bought snacks, coffee in B.M store which is not far away hanging out in the seating area as they told staffs that they would spend night at the store gossiping with their friends overnight.
In another day, four young people were absorbed in their smartphone paying no attention to surrounding; one of them was half-seated and half-lying like he wanted to sleep.
Staffs just said because the store opens 24/24 therefore, some young people sleep in for a while.
Some young man decided to spend night The outside seating area of BM store in Nguyen Tat Thanh Street in district 4 was monopolised by a 20 year old Tran Hai who admitted to sleep in convenience store because he does not want to come back home where his parent argue all the time.
Convenience stores are locations where young people who get used to hanging out outside in the night choose to sleep for its safety.
There have been warning of robberies in overnight convenience stores as local police arrested nine teenagers who involved robberies in these locations; however, many store staffs are not on alert against the crime.

By PHONG HAI – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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