Airbus Announces Who Gets First 86 Planes in 150-plane China Deal

European aerospace giant Airbus said Thursday it will deliver 86 A320s to Shenzhen Airlines and other Chinese carriers as part of an already announced 150-plane deal with the fast-growing Asian market.

Shenzhen Airlines, a medium-sized carrier, will receive 28 of the planes, while Hainan Airlines, the nation's fourth-largest airline company, will get 13, according to Gu Wei, a spokesman for Airbus China.

None of the country's top three airline companies -- Air China, China Eastern or China Southern -- was in the group of five carriers that will take the initial 86 planes from Airbus.

The A320s will be delivered from 2009 to 2012, with some rolling off the assembly line of a new Airbus plant near the north Chinese city of Tianjin, currently under construction, said a source close to the deal.

Source: AFP

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