Brazil plans to export live cattle to Malaysia

 Malaysia will open up its market to Brazilian exports of live cattle for slaughter, following the approval of sanitary requirements of Malaysian competent agencies.

Brazil plans to export live cattle to Malaysia

Brazil plans to export live cattle to Malaysia

A statement released on January 28 by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said its government will continue to conduct negotiations with the Malaysian counterpart to export live cattle for reproduction and to increase the number of poultry and beef export licenses.

Statistics of the Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (ABIEC) showed that the Latin American nation shipped 1.64 million tonnes of beef abroad in 2018, strengthening its position as one of the world’s leading exporters of the product.

Brazil’s beef exports showed signs of recovery after a scandal in 2017, which caused the suspension of exports to many markets like the US and the European Union.

Brazil is the world’s top beef and poultry exporter and is ranked fourth globally in pork exports. The three types of meat’s export revenue amounted to US$11.6 billion in 2016. 

The country’s products are shipped to 150 countries and territories, accounting for 20 percent of the world’s meat exports.

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