Costa Rica to reestablish Cuba ties

Costa Rica will reestablish diplomatic ties with Cuba that were broken off in 1961 after the Cuban revolution, President Oscar Arias said Wednesday.

"The world today is diametrically different to what it was in those days. We have to be capable of adjusting to new realities," Arias said in a statement.

He made the announcement shortly before a visit to Costa Rica by US Vice President Joe Biden.

The United States encouraged Central American countries to advocate a hard line against Cuba after Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution, but with Costa Rica's announcement all but El Salvador have ties with the island's communist government.

El Salvador's leftist president-elect Mauricio Funes -- who overturned 20 years of right-wing rule in an election on Sunday -- said Wednesday that he would also open up diplomatic relations with Cuba after he takes power on June 1.

Havana in December was formally accepted as a member of the Rio Group of Latin American nations, handing the island a symbolic victory over US efforts to bar it from regional organizations.

Source: AFP

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