Cybersecurity law aims to protect networks from attacks: Thai gov’t

The Thai Government affirmed that the Cybersecurity Act, recently approved by the National Assembly, was intended to protect networks from cyber attacks and would not enable state surveillance or violate rights.

Illustrative image (Source: internet)

Illustrative image (Source: internet)

“We have made sure that it would not allow for violation of individuals’ rights and arbitrary use of power,” Ajarin Pattanapanchai, Permanent-Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, told reporters.

“The law will not be used to regulate social media, or computers or devices belonging to the people,” he stressed.

Besides the Cybersecurity Act, Thailand’s junta has pushed for several laws it said would support the digital economy, including an amendment to the Computer Crime Act in 2017, which was intended to prosecute cyber crimes like phishing.

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