Emirates says no plans to ground A380 jets

DUBAI, Nov 4, 2010 (AFP) - Emirates airline, the biggest single-customer of Airbus A380, said Thursday it had no plans to ground its 13 superjumbos following the Qantas forced landing in Singapore.

"All of our Emirates A380s are operating as scheduled," said a company statement.

The Dubai-owned carrier, which is the biggest operator in the Middle East, has a total order of 90 A380 units, 13 of which have been delivered.

"Emirates has 13 A380s in operation, powered by Engine Alliance GP7200 engines. The safety of our passengers and crew is always of paramount importance," the brief statement added.

A Qantas A380 made a dramatic forced landing in Singapore Thursday, trailing smoke from a blackened engine, in the Airbus superjumbo's first mid-air emergency three years after it took to the skies.

Air France-KLM, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines also said their A380 planes remain in operations, while Qantas said it has grounded its six superjumbos.

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