Gordon Brown Officially Takes Over as British PM

Gordon Brown has officially taken office as British prime minister, receiving an official invitation from Queen Elizabeth II to form a new government.

Brown, 56, a former finance chief in Tony Blair's government, is expected to announce his final Cabinet lineup Thursday, but the key figures could be revealed Wednesday.

The leader of the Labour Party will be the 11th premier during the 55 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign and the 52nd premier in the entire history of the post in Britain.

Speaking in front of his new residence in 10 Downing Street, Brown promised to meet people across Britain to "listen and learn" their wishes. He said he wanted to lead a government of "all the talents."

Brown said the goal would be impossible to achieve without experienced politicians from the full political spectrum, and not only the Labour Party.

The new premier declared his would be "a new government with new priorities", which would include the development of healthcare, education, housing, construction, and restoration of trust in state agencies, as well as maintaining the united spirit of the British nation.

Brown's predecessor Blair, whose ten years in office had been clouded by the U.K.'s involvement in the unpopular war in Iraq, is expected to take on a new role as a Mideast envoy from the Quartet of negotiators on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Source: AFP

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