Gulf bloc strongly condemns Iran over Bahrain

Bahrain's state-run news agency says the Gulf's main political bloc has condemned Iran, accusing the Shiite country of trying to promote sectarian divisions in Bahrain.

Bahraini army tanks take position near Pearl Square in Manama in February 2011

The statement comes after an emergency meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Sunday. Members discussed the tense situation in Bahrain, where mostly Shiite demonstrators are demanding the fall of the island's Sunni monarchy.

The also discussed an alleged Iranian spy network in Kuwait.

Bahrain's news agency says the Gulf bloc expressed its deep concern "over the continuing Iranian intervention in the internal matters of GCC countries by conspiring against their national security."

The mostly Sunni Gulf bloc is traditionally suspicious of Iran. Tensions have flared over regional events.


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