Hollywood Muscleman Stallone Charged of Violating Australia's Custom Office Regulaitions

Charges will be laid against Hollywood muscleman Sylvester Stallone in an Australian court on Tuesday, the national news agency reported.

The "Rocky" star was briefly detained after a search of his luggage at Sydney airport on February 19 as he arrived in Australia to promote his latest movie.

Hollywood muscleman Sylvester Stallone

At the time, customs officers said banned items -- reportedly bodybuilding drugs or a human growth hormones -- were found in the Stallone party's luggage.

Stallone insisted his run-in with customs was simply a misunderstanding.

Customs officials would not reveal what charges would be brought against the star, who will not be required to appear at the Downing Centre Local Court if he is represented by a lawyer, the Australian Associated Press said.

Local newspapers reported that officers raided the Oscar winner's hotel room and private jet after members of his entourage were spotted throwing items out of their hotel window after the incident at the airport.

Stallone was allowed to leave Australia, but customs officials said their investigation was continuing and they were aware of the star's movements.

Stallone, 60, has revived his Hollywood career with "Rocky Balboa", the latest instalment in his series about a Philadelphia boxer.

Source AFP

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