Iran to Cut UN Nuclear Cooperation if Sanctioned: MP


A general view of a heavy water plant in Arak, 320 kms south of Tehran, in August 2006.

A top lawmaker warned on Saturday that Iran could reduce cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog if the Security Council passes a resolution imposing sanctions over its nuclear programme.

"Policies for interacting with the IAEA should be adjusted in proportion to the Security Council's measures," Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of parliament's security commission, told the Mehr news agency.

Mehr said that the influential lawmaker's remarks referred to a parliamentary bill, already adopted by the security commission, that would block UN inspections of Iran's atomic facilities if sanctions are imposed.

"Iran has been acting under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and international rules in its nuclear activities, so it will not accept any resolution," he said.

"If this resolution is adopted, the Iranian supreme national security council will definitely react.

"The resolution will not only have no effect, but it will make parliament and the government more determined to expand nuclear technology," he said.

After weeks of diplomatic wrangling, the UN Security Council was expected on Saturday to adopt a resolution that would impose restrictions on Iran's nuclear industry and ballistic missile programme.

   Western countries have sought to agree the sanctions in response to Tehran's refusal to suspend uranium enrichment which they fear could be used to make a nuclear bomb. Iran insists its atomic drive is peaceful.

Source: AFP

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