Kuala Lumpur conference looks at future in East Sea

The sixth East Sea conference held by the Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA) opened in Kuala Lumpur on October 4 under the theme “Fostering a shared future in the East Sea”.

Kuala Lumpur conference looks at future in East Sea

The two-day event draws the participation of around 200 delegates, who are experts from Southeast Asia and outside countries such as the US, China, Japan, the UK and India as well as several international organisations. 

Vietnam is represented at the event by Dr. Hoang Thi Tuan Anh, a researcher from the Diplomatic Academic of Vietnam.

According to MIMA Chairman Ahmad Ramli bin Haji Mohd, this year’s conference seeks to identify the myriad, complex and multi-layered challenges in the East Sea, which will require a multi-pronged and comprehensive approach.

The track-two forum also examines various facets of issues in the East Sea, including geostrategic developments in the Asia-Pacific and their implications in the East Sea, the views from ASEAN, challenges and opportunities for marine resource exploitation, and the importance of diplomacy as the way forward to manage the various disputes vexing the region.

Besides, he added, the conference also highlights the importance of protecting and preserving the sea’s biosphere, a key factor to the survivability of future generations.

With five sessions, this year’s conference features presentations by prominent experts on emerging issues on the East Sea, such as geo-political changes and major powers in the East Sea, ASEAN and the regional security order and promoting regional prosperity. 

At the end of each session there is time for discussions between speakers and the audience. Dr. Hoang Thi Tuan Anh from Vietnam delivered her presentation at the second session, winning applause from the delegates.

The MIMA annual conference on the East Sea gathers prominent experts and scholars in and outside ASEAN. MIMA hopes initiatives put forward at the conferences will provide policymakers, scholars and other stakeholders with various perspectives to assess the current situation in the East Sea and facilitate the means towards achieving greater stability and regional cooperation in the area. Source from the Vietnamplus.

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