Merkel flash mob protest becomes internet hit

BERLIN, Sept 24, 2009 (AFP) - A YouTube video featuring a "flash mob" heckling German Chancellor Angela Merkel at an election rally has been watched by more than a quarter of a million people.

The protest, held by dozens of people last week in the northern city of Hamburg, had participants shouting "Yeaahh" at every sentence spoken by the conservative leader, who leads in opinion polls ahead of Sunday's vote.

The video (, which has already been viewed by 282,000 people, also showed protesters waving placards with the words: "All together: Yeaahh".

The chancellor appeared unfazed by the interruptions and carried on with her stump speech.

The activists apparently turned up at the rally after someone posted a picture of Merkel on the online picture-sharing website Flickr along with an invitation to "flash mob" her in Hamburg.

The notice was picked up by other websites and Twitter, the micro-blogging service.

"This is our political message and the political meaning of this flash mob -- we won't swallow election campaign messages anymore and we'll throw Merkel's rubbish back at her with an ironic 'Yeaahh'," wrote Rene Walter on the blog.

At another demonstration in Mainz, in southwestern Germany, some 150 people, apparently also summoned on the Internet, mixed at the last minute with a crowd of Merkel supporters to shout slogans against nuclear power.

Merkel has a final campaign rally Saturday in Berlin. She is expected to win a second term Sunday.

Source: AFP

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