N. Korean media slams U.S. for dual attitude

North Korea's external propaganda media on Tuesday opened fire on U.S. military drills around the Korean Peninsula, indirectly delivering Pyongyang's veiled complaint over the recent cancellation of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's planned trip to the North.



The Tongil Shinbo, a weekly publication run by the North, accused Washington of showing an ambivalent attitude towards Pyongyang by simultaneously holding dialogue with a smile on its face while conducting a decapitation drill against the North's leadership.

Citing a South Korean broadcaster's report alleging secret drills by special U.S. troops on the South's southern coast and in Japan, the North Korean newspaper said, "The U.S. administration frequently preaches peace and stability of the world and the Korean Peninsula. But it is just a pun that ridicules public opinions at home and abroad. The U.S. still has a delusion of toppling other countries by military force."

   Watchers say the Pyongyang newspaper's commentary focused on U.S. military movements but appears to have indirectly expressed the North's distrust and complaints towards the Trump administration.

Earlier on Sunday, the Rodong Sinmun, the North's main newspaper published by the Workers' Party, also claimed that the U.S. was planning an invasion of North Korea in preparation for the failure of its "gangster-like" push for prior denuclearization by Pyongyang.

The Tongil Shinbo went on to say, "It is a foolish idea if the U.S. thinks it can achieve its impure object through the 'gunboat diplomacy.' The DPRK (North Korea) has been making all preparations for the secret U.S. military operations targeting us."

   The newspaper also urged Washington to play a role in the implementation of the North-U.S. summit agreements reached in Singapore in June.

Source from the Yonhap.

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