Plane crashes at Indian air show

NEW DELHI, March 3, 2010 (AFP) - A navy aircraft taking part in an acrobatics show on the first day of an air show in the Indian city of Hyderabad crashed on Wednesday.

The NDTV channel showed pictures of the plane shortly before it crashed into a residential area adjacent to the showground where smoke could be seen rising from a building.

"There has been a crash. It was a naval plane. There are reports that the pilot bailed out but I cannot confirm that," Moushmi Chakravarty, spokeswoman for the Indian civil aviation ministry, told AFP from Hyderabad.

Commander P.V. Satish, navy spokesman in New Delhi, said the plane had crashed into a house but could not confirm any casualties.

The India Aviation 2010 show, a civil aviation exhibition, opened on Wednesday and runs until March 7.

Source: AFP

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