Police release Copenhagen climate protesters

Police officers detain a protestor during the climate march in Copenhagen on December 12. Danish police said they have released almost all of the nearly 1,000 climate protesters (AFP photo)

COPENHAGEN (AFP) – Danish police said Sunday they had released almost all of the nearly 1,000 climate protesters arrested during a weekend mass rally in Copenhagen.

Only 13 were still in detention on Sunday afternoon. Two Danes and a French national were brought before a court and charged with violence against police.

Tens of thousands of people took part in the Saturday march to the heavily guarded conference centre where world powers are struggling to hammer out a deal to combat global warming.

Police spokesman Henrik Jacobsen said police moved in to make the "preventive" arrests "to ensure that the large legally-announced demonstration would not be disturbed by troublemakers."

Most of the main Copenhagen rally was peaceful, but police moved in when hundreds of youths clad in black threw bricks and smashed windows. Riot police surrounded the troublemakers and made them sit on the ground with their hands behind their backs before being taken away on buses.

Source: AFP

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