Prosecutors open probe into Ukraine parliament fight

KIEV (AFP) – Prosecutors have opened a criminal probe into the fighting that broke out in Ukraine's parliament this week during a debate over a Russian naval base, a spokesman for Kiev prosecutors said Thursday.

"The Kiev prosecutors have opened a criminal enquiry into the hooliganism carried out by a group of deputies in the Verkhovna Rada," a spokesman for prosecutors in the Ukrainian capital told AFP.

In a chaotic parliamentary session on Tuesday, pro-Western opposition lawmakers hurled eggs and smoke bombs while fistfights broke out in the benches.

The tumult broke out as the Verkhovna Rada was debating ratification of a controversial deal to extend the lease of a Russian naval base on Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula for 25 more years.

Pro-Western opposition parties considered the deal a violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and a selling-out of national interests to the country's giant neighbour Russia.

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