Russia-Georgia Gas Pipeline in Mountains to Be World's Highest

A natural gas pipeline being built in the Caucasus mountains linking Russia and Georgia will gain the honor of being the world's highest pipeline, the RIA-Novosti quoted the project chief Thursday.

The agency said that the high-altitude pipeline will link Russia and South Ossetia, a secessionist republic in Georgia, and is expected to end the region's gas dependence on Tbilisi.

"The pipeline will be laid at an altitude of 3,150 meters [10,300 ft]. This is the world's highest pipeline: there is nothing like it, including in terms of route complexity. We are now preparing documents to apply to Guinness World Records," Anatoly Tandelov said.

The 163-kilometer (101-mile) pipeline will connect the Georgian province with Russia's North Ossetia, with which it is ethnically and historically tied. Russia is expected to start supplying the self-proclaimed republic with natural gas in late 2007 or 2008.

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