S. Korean airlines set to resume fuel surcharge from next month

South Korean airlines will begin imposing fuel surcharges on international passengers from next month, ending the longest streak of no additional fuel charge that lasted for 17 months, market observers said Monday, source from the Yonhap.

The move comes as the average price of jet fuel came to US$65.379 per barrel in Singapore, or about $1.56 per gallon.

Local airlines are allowed to impose a fuel surcharge when the average price exceeds $1.50 per gallon, according to observers. The amount of surcharge will vary, depending on the airline and travel distance.

South Korean airlines have not imposed any fuel surcharge since September 2015. They will also raise the fuel surcharge on domestic passengers to 2,200 won ($1.86) from the current 1,100 won from next month.

Fuel surcharges on domestic flights are imposed when the average fuel price exceeds $1.20 per gallon.

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