Singaporean firms suspend operations in China due to coronavirus

Property giant CapitaLand and other Singapore firms have temporarily closed, shortened working hours or shut certain business activities at their malls in China, due to concern over the viral spread of coronavirus.

On January 28, CapitaLand closed six of its malls in China, including four in Wuhan and two in Xi’an, as requested by respective local authorities.
Its supermarkets in CapitaMall Westgate, Wuhan and CapitaMall Xindicheng, Xi'an remains open to ensure the supply of food and daily necessities to the local communities.
Its other 45 malls across China continue to operate, but with shorter hours.
Meanwhile, Dasin Retail Trust fund said on January 28 that it has reduced operating hours at five malls, except for outlets providing basic public services such as supermarkets and certain food and beverage services.
Cinemas, ice-skating rings, bookstores and other crowded places within the malls have been temporarily closed.
Coronavirus has spread across China and hit countries such as Thailand, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Singapore, the US, Nepal, France, Australia, Canada, Malaysia and Vietnam.
Chinese authorities announced on January 30 that there are over 7,700 coronavirus infection cases in 31 Chinese cities and provinces, with 170 deaths from the outbreak.

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