Thailand eyes pollution tax for motorcycles

Officials from Thailand’s Excise Department are now studying the possibility of charging pollution tax on motorcycles similar to cars in accordance with the emission of CO2.

Thailand eyes pollution tax for motorcycles

The department has begun to collect pollution tax on vehicles since January 1 2016.

Director-general of the department Krisada Chinavicharana said the move is expected to improve the environment quality and encourage manufacturers to create environmentally-friendly motorbikes.

He added excise tax on motorcycle is currently charged in accordance with the engine capacity. But under the study, the more carbon it emits, the higher pollution tax will be charged. 

Excise tax on eco cars emitting less than 120g/km is set at 17 percent, while medium cars of 1800-2000cc engine capacity such as cars which use E20 fuel face 25 percent excise tax, he said. - VNA

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