Two killed in China quake: report

BEIJING, Aug 10, 2009 (AFP) - Two people were killed and more than 170 houses destroyed in an earthquake which hit southwest China at the weekend, state media reported Monday.

The moderate quake, measuring four on the Richter scale, hit Rongchang county in Chongqing municipality on Saturday night at a relatively shallow depth of 11 kilometres (seven miles), Xinhua news agency said.

A total of 173 houses were destroyed and 267 were badly damaged, it said, citing the municipal government.

Rongchang county sits on a fault line which is part of a major tectonic belt along the boundary of Sichuan province and Chongqing, it said.

Last year, nearly 87,000 people were left dead or missing when a 8.0-magnitude earthquake shook Sichuan.

Source: AFP

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