UN forum urges int'l recognition of Palestinian State

A UN-organized international meeting ended here late Wednesday with calls for countries worldwide to recognize the Palestinian State as a sovereign nation, local media reported Thursday.

A solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict can only be reached with the existence of two States, said a declaration adopted at the end of the meeting.

"Israel and Palestine, both States should coexist in peace and safe conditions. All the international community should recognize the Palestinian State according to its borders of 1967," it said.

The final declaration also expressed concern for the persistence of the Israeli government "to continue with illegal policies and practices," referring to Israeli occupation of Palestine areas which on numerous occasions have been condemned by different UN resolutions.

The document also welcomed "the recent wave of official recognition to the existence of the Palestinian State" from many Latin American countries.

In December 2010 emerging South American world power, Brazil recognized the existence of a Palestinian State as a sovereign nation, and in recent months similar official recognition has followed from Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Uruguay, while Venezuela since some time has recognized the State of Palestine.

The meeting, which began on Tuesday, was organized by the UN Committee for the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People.


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