World’s first self-driving car runs on trial in Singapore

The world’s self-driving taxi, which was developed by researchers from nuTonomy, a Singapore-based transportation software firm, was allow to trial run in a 6-km route in the One-North industrial zone in Singapore on August 25, source from Vietnam News in Singapore.

A group of ten Singaporean residents were invited to use nuTonomy's smartphone app to hail the robo-taxi for a ride at no charge.

To ensure safety, several computer engineers of nuTonomy will backup human driver during the trial phase in case anything goes wrong.

Now, there are four other self-driving cars of nuTonomy waiting for a trial run.

NuTonomy previously said it expects to launch its service without the supervision of a safety driver in 2018.

The firm plans to put 75 cars of this kind for commerce purpose into operation in Singapore in 2018, in order to meet increasing travel demand in the country

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