WW II Bomb Blast Kills Two in Malaysia: Report

Two foreign workers in a Malaysian scrapyard were killed when a World War II bomb exploded as they were cutting up the 100-kilogramme (220-pound) device, reports said Wednesday.

The victims, a Bangladeshi and an Indian man, died of their injuries shortly after the blast on Tuesday, which destroyed the scrapyard and a hostel located above it and blew out nearby windows, reports said.

The scrapyard owner told the Star daily he had purchased the bomb, which had been found by a passerby in an open area just north of the capital Kuala Lumpur, not realising it was a piece of unexploded ordnance.

There has been a recent spate of World War II relics being found in peninsular Malaysia with increasing development in rural areas.

The country was a battlefield when invading Japanese troops defeated British and Commonwealth forces during the Malayan Campaign from December 1941 to February 1942, and Allied forces later heavily bombed parts of the country

Source: AFP

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