Appeal court on “public order disturbers” to open soon

The Hanoi People’s Court has announced its decision to open a trial on March 27 to consider appeals lodged by eight defendants found guilty of disturbing public order and destroying property in the compound of the Chien Thang Garment Making Factory at 178 Nguyen Luong Bang Street.

Original verdicts made by the Dong Da precinct court on December 8, 2008 handed suspended sentences on four of the eight defendants, probation sentences on three others and issued a warning for Thai Thanh Hai.

Nguyen Thi Nhi received the heaviest punishment with a 15 month suspended sentence on charges of “destroying property” while Ngo Thi Dung and Le Quang Kiet were given 13 month suspended sentences and Nguyen Thi Viet, 12 month suspended sentence, all for destroying property and disturbing public orders.

Le Thi Hoi, Pham Chi Nang and Nguyen Dac Hung were put into probation between 12 and 15 months.

All the eight offenders lodged their appeals to the higher court for considering the original verdicts.

The original court ruled that defendants committed public disorders and property damages with serious consequences and incited a large crow of people to get involved for numerous days, a signal of disrespecting law, thus arousing public irritation and affecting the national unity.

The original court said it, however, gave defendants clemency on the ground that they were influenced by misinformation on the original ownership of the lots of land being used by religious churches at that point, incited by others in violating law as well as their limited legal knowledge.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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