Bac Ninh prosecutes two who threaten provincial leaders

Investigation Agency under the Police Department of Bac Ninh province yesterday prosecuted two men who sent threatening SMS messages to provincial leaders.

Chairman of the Bac Ninh People’s Committee Nguyen Tu Quynh and other agency leaders received the menacing messages after proposing the Goverment and the Ministry of Transport to ask contractors to stop a passage dredging project for sand overexploitation in the Cau river. 
The investigation agency has prosecuted 37 year old Nguyen Trong Phuong from Hanoi for “terrorism” and 36 year old Tran Anh Thuan from Bac Ninh province for not denouncing the crime.
Previously, the agency arrested Phuong and Thuan and clarified that Phuong had sent the threatening messages to Mr. Quynh and other officials of the province.
The two offenders admitted that they are workers of some sand exploitation companies not the company licensed to implement the passage dredging project in the Cau river.
The sending of messages aimed to undermind reputation of the company licensed to implement the passage dredging in the province and scramble for dredging areas.

The agency is now broadening investigation to make clear other subjects related to the case.
Formerly, Bac Ninh leaders sent a document to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport, proposing to continue stopping the passage dredging project in the Cau river by Ha Luu Passage Salvage Joint Stock Company for sand overexploitation causing landslide.
They also suggested the PM to instruct the Ministry of Public Security to investigate individuals from central and local agencies and organizations who have stood behind those sending the threatening messages.
Right after receiving the document, the PM required the Ministry of Public Security to urgently investigate the case, unveil relevant subjects and report results to him.

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By Nguyen Quoc – Translated by Hai Mien

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