City Police arrest two foreigners

Two foreigners have been arrested for allegedly stealing money from local people.

The Immigration Department of the HCMC yesterday announced that 35 year old Iranian, M. Taheri, had been arrested by police. M. Taheri is suspected of being involved in a theft where he and his accomplices stole money from a pump attendant.

Investigations revealed that on the night of January 4, a car carrying three foreigners stopped at Binh Khanh Petrol Station on Huynh Tan Phat Street of Nha Be District. Two foreigners then got out of the car and approached the pump attendant, Nguyen Van Bao, for directions.

While Bao was giving directions, one of the foreigners took a VND500,000 (US$28.70) banknote from his pocket and asked Bao for change.

After receiving the change, the foreigner gave Bao another VND500,000 banknote and asked him to change that also.

While Bao was saying that he had no more smaller notes, one of the men suddenly snatched the wad of banknotes from Bao’s hand, spread them out like a paper fan, looked at them and then gave them back to Bao.

The two foreigners got back into the car and quickly drove away. Bao checked the wad of banknotes and found that VND 3 million ($168) had disappeared.

The alleged thieves left their hired car at a parking lot in Nguyen Trung Truc Street of District 1. The car has been seized by traffic police.

The Nha Be District Police arrested Mehmet Altuntop, who has been charged with stealing.

On the night of December 29, Altuntop stopped his scooter at Ms. Huynh Thi Kim Nga’s fruit stall and bought two apples at VND20,000. Altuntop produced a VND 50,000 note and received VND30,000 back.

Altuntop allegedly refused to receive the change and suddenly snatched the money from Nga’s hand. After giving back the money to Nga, Altuntop quickly hopped on his scooter and drove away. Nga checked her money and found that VND1.9 million ($107) had been stolen. 

By D. Loan – Translated by Phuong Lan

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