Court sends national security violator to jail

The People’s Court of the northern province of Thai Binh on Dec. 28 handed down a sentence of five years and a half in prison to Tran Anh Kim on charge of “working to overthrow the people’s administration.

Apart from the sentence, which was made in accordance with clause 1, Article 79 of the Penal Code, the court also ordered that Kim will be kept under surveillance at his locality for three years after serving his jail sentence.

According to the court’s verdict, Tran Anh Kim, 60, joined an outlaw organisation called “the Democratic Party of Vietnam” whose aim is to change the regime and abolish the Vietnamese State .

In June 2009, Kim was appointed as deputy secretary general of the organisation.

Kim also joined another organisation called “Block 8406” which is aimed at overthrowing the state of Vietnam .

He admitted that he has regularly posted comments on the internet shouting for abolishing the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and ousting the State.

The defendant also confessed that he has intentionally distorted the political situation in Vietnam in numerous interviews granted to foreign newspapers and radio stations. He also embroiled others to lodge untrue petitions, causing socio-political instability.

The court’s panel agreed that this was a special case of infringement of national security and the defendant colluded closely with exiled overseas Vietnamese reactionaries and organisations.

More than 30 local and foreign reporters attended the trial.

Source: VNA

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