Death sentence maintained for child rapist, killer

Hanoi People’s Court maintained the death sentence for Dang Tran Hoai, 27, who raped an 8-year-old girl, killed her 4-year-old sister, and stabbed a male relative of the victims.

At yesterday’s appeal hearing, Hoai argued that he committed the crime for the first time and was in an abnormal mental state.

Hoai’s mother told the court that Hoai was hit by a stone in the head when he was 16 and since had mental problems, such as talking nonsense and laughing to himself.

Dang Tran Hoai (R) in court (Source: internet)

The mother asked the court to put Hoai in a mental asylum, but the jury rejected her request, explaining that the case file showed that he committed the crimes when he did not suffer any mental problems.

After hearing all side arguments, the court yesterday rejected the defendant’s claim, saying there was nothing that could be considered as extenuating circumstance in this case.

Previously, at Hoai’s first instance trial in October 2012, the court gave him the death sentence for rape and another for murder. He also received five-year imprisonment for robbery.

As reported, Hoai is a native of Ha Dong District in Hanoi. On July 29, 2012 he committed the crimes in a house in Son Tay Town in Hanoi after attending a wedding party.

The house owner, 30-year-old Khuat Van Hien and his wife had left the house, leaving their children alone at home.

While Hoai was raping 8-year-old Khuat Thi H, her sister Khuat Thi Q., 4, cried loudly, so Hoai used a knife to slash the child many times in the face and neck until she died.

Hoai then continued raping the older girl, but the victims’ uncle, who lived nearby, heard the screams and rushed in and fought with Hoai.

Hoai stabbed the uncle and ran out on to the street but was seized by local residents.

Source SGGP, translated by MT

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