District Party official's killers sentenced to death


Two murderers of Phu Nhuan District Party Committee’s deputy secretary Dang Thu Hong last September were sentenced to death by Ho Chi Minh City Court yesterday.


The verdict was passed at the second day of the first instance trial for Nguyen Trong Nhan, 31, and Luong Hoai Sang, 21, the Court said it had enough evidence to charge them with murder and robbery.


They both received a death sentence for murder. Besides, Nhan and Sang were given 8 years and 7 years imprisonment respectively for robbery.


The Court providing evidences concluded that Nhan and Sang committed a mass murder on September 20, 2010 with careful preparation. According to the court, the two young men showed their determination to kill not only Hong but also My and her daughter,Tran Thu Huong. The fact that My and Huong did not die are out of their plan.


The court rejected lawyer Pham Quoc Hung’s argument that Nhan did not plan to kill My and rob her assets but to revenge for Nhan’s wife only.


Ms Hong, who came to My’s house at the time when My and Huong were assaulted by Nhan and Sang, was stabbed 24 times to death by Nhan.


The trial for Nguyen Trong Nhan, 31, and Luong Hoai Sang, 21

Previously, he beat her with a tennis racket, making her fall down to the floor. My and Huong were also hit and stabbed by dagger by the two men, but they fortunately survived the attack as they were rescued on time.


That proved Nhan and Sang plotted to commit the homicide, though the survival of My and Huong were against the murderers’ expectation, the court argued.


Earlier, Nhan rejected the accusation that said he planned to kill My for purposes of robbing her. Nhan said he just wanted to ask My not to sack his wife, Le Thu Hien. He said he only assaulted My after she refused to bid by his request.


However, the court refused his argument.


When the local police nearby heard the victims’ screams and rushed to rescue them, Nhan threatened them saying he would kill anyone who approached him. He only surrendered when armed police showed up at the house, the court said.


After taking all into account, the court concluded a death sentence to both murderers were appropriate.

by Ai Chan - Translated by H.T.D

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