Dong Nai Province launches full inspection of petrol businesses

The southern province of Dong Nai launched a thorough inspection of local petrol and gas businesses on May 9, to crack down on any illegal trade and fraudulent activities.

The inspections will last for one month and the Department of Fire Fighting and Prevention along with the Department of Industry and Trade in the southern province, will monitor the business operations of fuel traders as well as uncover and penalise breach in legal functioning, including illegal extraction of gas or monetary fraud.

Police in Dong Nai Province also announced more news related to the case of the two gas businesses Gas Viet Company and Xuan Hang Company located in Phuoc Tan Commune of Bien Hoa City.

After the arrest of 28 suspects, the police confirmed that the Gas Viet Company, run by 48-year-old Dang Gia Tuong, had not registered its trademark as required by law but was operating a ring to illegally extract and trade cooking gas.
Police confiscated eight machines used for extracting gas, 230 filled and 385 empty cylinders, thousands of seals, anti-counterfeit stamps, and labels of well-known brand names such as NT gas, V-gas, VT gas, Saigon Petro and Petro Gas. The culprits confessed that after filling up gas cylinders by extracting gas, a team was deployed to stick fake labels on the cylinders to dupe consumers.

Similarly, Nguyen Thanh Hai, director of Xuan Hang Company, was not able to show any legal licence for gas trading or extracting. However, his facility had many workers, who extracted gas in 300-1,000 cylinders, and then placed fake labels of well-known brand names on them before selling in the market.

At the moment, the police are working with concerned agencies in the southern province of Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City to track down any petrol stalls related to these two companies.

In related news, on May 9, a team from Market Management No.1 under the Market Management Division in  the north central coastal province of Ha Tinh carried  out an unexpected raid  on an electronics , refrigeration and liquefied petroleum gas business in Tan Trung Hamlet of Thanh Trung Commune, which is run by Phan Van Tung.

They discovered that this  business was illegally extracting gas into smaller containers and impounded 20 gas cylinders of 12 kilos and 13 kilos as well as 50 portable gas cartridges, plus a kit of manual gas ignition.

The business was fined  VND20 million (approx. US$959) for not having a valid business licence and for illegal gas extraction.

By L.Long, D.Quang – Translated by Thanh Tam

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