Father, son prosecuted for assaulting traffic policeman

On June 8, police in Hoang Mai District in Hanoi decided to prosecute Vu Xuan Hien and his son Vu Xuan Hung, residents of Tran Phu Ward, for assaulting and abusing a traffic policeman on duty.

Earlier, it was reported that around 9am on June 7, at a traffic intersection on Den Lu-Tam Trinh Streets in Hoang Mai District in Hanoi, traffic policeman Luong Dinh Hai and a few others on duty detected Vu Xuan Hung driving a motorbike without a helmet and also ignoring a red light signal at the crossing.

Policeman Hai signaled to Hung to stop immediately, to which Hung did not comply but deliberately drove the motorbike into the police team, loudly using rude and abusive words challenging them.

Policeman Hai asked Hung to produce his driving licence and papers, but he failed to show his licence. Then Hung kept shouting and challenging and slandering that the police had hit him. He also called his father Vu Xuan Hien.

Hien makes a written statement at the police station. (Photo VNExpres)

About 15 minutes later, Hien arrived at the scene and asked policeman Hai to put on record that he had hit his son. Afterwards, Hien unexpectedly snatched a helmet from Hung and banged it straight across policeman Hai’s face. Hung also joined in with his father to knock Hai to the ground. Father and son repeatedly kicked and beat policeman Hai.

Another police officer Le Hoang Minh tried to intervene but was also hit by Hien. After receiving this information, Hoang Mai District police officers arrived at the scene and seized the helmet as exhibit, which was broken. At the same time the authorities invited other witnesses to the police station for questioning.

Some people living on Tam Trinh, including Nguyen Van Hai, owner of a shop near the incident site, said they only saw the father (Hien) hit the policeman.

The consequence of this villainous act was that policeman Hai was badly wounded with a swollen face, and is currently being treated at the Post Office Hospital.

Immediately after the incident, Hoang Mai District police arrested Hien and Hung.

By evening of June 7, anti-crime police of Hoang Mai District in Hanoi issued a notice to temporarily detain Vu Xuan Hien, 54, and his son Vu Xuan Hung, 19, for assaulting a police official on duty.

Source SGGP, Translated by Dan

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