Film producer accused of duping businessman of money, car

A Ho Chi Minh City based film producer, director and actor has recently been accused of duping a local businessman of VND3billion (US$143,000) and a Mercedes car. 

On October 5, the businessman Chung Minh told Saigon Giai Phong Newspaper that he had filed a complaint against Phuoc Sang, a HCMC based film producer at the Binh An Ward Police Station in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City.

Businessman Chung Minh, a resident of District 2, accused Phuoc Sang of borrowing VND2.4billion and $25,000 as well as a Mercedes S350 model car with number plate 51A-127.02 and not returning any of this since.

Ho Chi Minh City based film producer, director and actor Phuoc Sang (Photo: SGGP)

Nguyen Dong Thanh, police chief of Binh An Ward, said, “On October 5 we received a written complaint against Phuoc Sang, but since the incident did not occur here we have redirected the said complaint to the Ward where the incident actually occurred.”

Yesterday afternoon, Chung Minh also filed a case at the HCMC Criminal Police Department against Sang. “If I can’t get my money back, at least I want my car. It belongs to me and I can’t stand losing both my money and my car,” Minh stated.

According to Chung Minh, Sang had replied that he had left the car at a pawnshop, when Minh asked Sang to return the car. However, Minh later saw a local singer named Le Hieu driving the car.

“After lending him VND2billion, Sang showed me a document to   prove that a bank had agreed to lend him VND79billion (US$3.8million). I thought that he would return my money after receiving money from the bank, but I couldn’t imagine this would happen,” said Minh, explaining why he kept lending Sang money.

Minh also added that he doesn't have any document proving that Sang had borrowed his money, then showed an audio and informed that he had secretly recorded a conversation between him and Sang since he was afraid that Sang wouldn’t return the money.

A voice thought to be Phuoc Sang's was heard on the audio tape admitting that he owed Chung Minh VND3billion (US$143,000) and a car. “I will not defraud you; I just want to borrow money. I’m grateful for your help and have a duty to pay you back,” the man’s voice says on the tape.

A 6.20 pm on October 6, an SGGP reporter was able to communicate with Phuoc Sang. Sang said, “When I got the information, I was very shocked.  The facts were not quite like that. I'm sad because that information affects my reputation. If I made a mistake, I will take full responsibility before the law. Tomorrow, October 7, I'm going to the City. I am considering holding a press conference to respond to the public in HCMC.”

Phuoc Sang told SGGP Newspaper that he’s busy filming a movie in Phan Thiet City and has been really shocked with the news.

“I’m too busy right now. I will have a meeting with the local press after I return to Saigon in a few days,” Sang informed, “Chung Minh is a close friend of mine. I’m truly stunned and upset. I have no comment on the accusation that Le Hieu is using the car. Let Hieu talk about it,” he added.

His wife, actress Kim Thu, said she couldn’t comment on the incident as her business is independent from Sang. 

Source SGGP, Translated by Dan

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