Four arrested for manufacturing spurious beer

Police in Ho Chi Minh City arrested four people on June 7 for manufacturing and selling spurious beer under the ‘Heineken’ brand name.

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Vo Hoang Giang, 35; Vo Ngoc An, 47; Vo Dong So, 40; and Nguyen Van Tan, 36, were arrested by the police in HCMC for manufacturing spurious beer and trading it under the brand ‘Heineken’.

While Giang, An and So come from Long An Province, Nguyen Van Tan lives in Binh Chanh District of HCMC.

The ring leader is Vo Hoang Giang who organises the manufacturing and trading of the spurious beer in HCMC, said the police.

On May 15, police busted their den in Binh Chanh District while So and Tan were loading 23 cases of the beer onto a truck, with intention of delivering it to local beer agents and shops.

Police also raided two houses in Binh Chanh District, which were being used for manufacturing the beer and seized 1,320 bottles of the spurious drink, two machines and 480 bottles of Saigon Lager beer.

The gang was adulterating genuine Heineken beer with Saigon Lager brand to increase volume for marketing the mixture under the ‘Heineken’ brand label.

By A.Chan – Translated by T.Huong

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