Hanoi police arrest man for murdering parents

On June 24, police in Hoang Mai District of Hanoi arrested 26-year-old Luu Van Thang, for committing the heinous crime of brutally murdering both his parents.

According to the police, at about 11pm on June 23, Thang went to visit his parents, Liu Van Doi and Nguyen Thi Gai on Thuy Linh Street and asked for some money to pay off a debt, to which his parents refused and scolded him, even asking him to leave the house.

Exasperated and in desperate need of money, Thang returned to his parents’ home very early morning of June 24, carrying with him a knife with the intention of killing both his parents.

As the house gate was locked, Thang climbed over the wall and got inside the house.

Hearing a sound, Doi woke up and saw Thang rushing towards him with the knife and repeatedly stab him till he became unconscious.

When Gai too woke up, Thang also stabbed her to death.

After lying unconsciousness for a while, Thang’s father seemed to recover, but Thang continued to stab him till he died.

After murdering his parents, Thang ran out of the house and washed the blood off him, changed his clothes and fled to a friend's house nearby.

However, police arrested him on the morning of the same day.

Source SGGP, translated by MT

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