Hanoi police crack fake qualifications ring

Tu Liem District police, Hanoi, detained two men involved in a ring that produces fake university degrees on Thursday.

On August 5, Nguyen Van Dai, 23, resident of Dinh Quan Hamlet, Phu Dien Commune, Tu Liem District, asked Nguyen Dang Tu to make a fake Hanoi University of Technology degree. Dai said that he would use the degree to apply for a job.

After agreeing to pay VND5 million, Dai gave Tu an advance of VND3.8 million. He also provided Tu with some personal details and photos of himself.

Three days later, Tu met with a cousin, Nguyen Van Thuy, residing in Vu Ninh Commune, Bac Ninh City, and asked him to make the fake degree costing VND4 million, paying an advance of VND2.8 million.

Thuy then met Hanh to have him make the fake degree as requested by Dai at the price of VND2 million.

On August 16, Thuy gave the fake degree to Tu after receiving it from Hanh,

On August 19, the police raided Dai’s home and caught Tu handing the fake degree to Dai.

The police arrested Tu and Thuy.

At the police station, Thuy said that he did not know where Hanh lives.

The investigation continues.  

By A. Minh – Translated by Phuong Lan

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