Jealous husband shoots dead neighbor, injures policeman

Ho Chi Minh City police arrested a man who had shot dead neighbor and then opened fire on the police who arrived at the crime scene, injuring one officer yesterday, Dec 13


Ta Chi Hoang used a handgun to shoot at his neighbor 39-year-old Huynh Ngoc Hai on road 52 in District 6 at about 12 noon Tuesday. He then ran inside his house to hide from the local police who arrived at the crime scene.


Refusing to give himself up, Hoang opened fire on two police officers who were coming in to arrest him and shot at injured officer, Le Hoang Viet. The police kept trying to persuade the man to give himself up, and warned that he would be shot by them if he continued to resist.  


The police then surrounded the area, exchanged gunshots and overpowered Hoang. Hai was moved to hospital for emergency treatment.


Hai disclosed that he was operating a business from a rented house for the past few years, while Hoang and his wife lived next door.


Suspecting his wife and Hai were involved in a relationship, Hoang   warned Hai to stop contacting his wife, but the man ignored his warning.


A few days ago, on discovering a text message sent by Hai to his wife, Hoang confronted him and warned that he would shoot him if he did not stop seeing his wife.


Hoang said that yesterday noon he found his wife at Hai’s house, so he went to his house to get his gun and returned to Hai’s house and shot at him.


By Ai Chan-Translated by Dan

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