Jewellery robber stabs and kills one, injures two others

A jewellery robber stabbed one person to death and seriously injured two others in an attempt to escape after he was chased by the shop owner and local residents on May 2, in the northern province of Hung Yen.

At 10pm on May 1, two young men entered the ‘Kiem Huyen’ gold shop belonging to Do Xuan Kiem, in Hong Tien Commune in Khoai Chau District, and asked to buy a silver necklace. Kiem showed them a five tael silver necklace and one of them pretended to wear it round his neck in front of the mirror.

As soon as they saw the owner’s attention turn away, and noticed the deserted street outside, they dashed off with the necklace, surprising the owner, Khiem.

Taken by total surprise, Kiem managed to shout “robber, robber, help!” His nephew, Do Xuan Luong, 38, was outside the shop and immediately gave chase. Later, two others, Do Ba Hien, 27, and Do Nhu Minh, 25, joined in the effort to nab the two robbers.

They chased and caught up with the robbers in a field in Cao Quan village, one kilometre from the gold shop. Luong grappled with them but one of the robbers stabbed him in the chest. Hearing Luong’s shout for help, Hien and Minh tried to control the robber and were also stabbed.

Luong died on the spot and Hien and Minh suffered serious stab wounds and were taken to Viet Duc Hospital and District Medical Centre in critical condition.

Afterwards, residents in the village caught one of the robbers and handed him to the police. He gave his name as Ha Van Tinh, 16, from Cu Tu Village in Xuan Truc Commune in Hung Yen Province.

Tinh said that the run-away robber and the one who had stabbed his chasers was Nguyen Viet Toan, 19, from Truc Dinh Village in Xuan Truc Commune of Hung Yen Province.

Yesterday, Toan gave himself up to police as he knew that there was no escape for him anymore from the law.

Police said they would probe the case further.

By A. Minh, P. Trung - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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