Legislators to Grill Ministers This Week

During the first days of the fourth of the session, deputies gave opinions concerning a draft of a Health Insurance Law, a High Technology Law and a Bio-Diversity Law. A board will collect the deputies’ suggestions and questions for the ministers to respond to. These will be submitted to the next session of the Assembly.

After discussing a draft of the Nationality Law, Minister of Public Health Nguyen Quoc Trieu presented a draft law on health insurance which regulates the model and policy of health insurance system and the authority and responsibility of related parties.

There were some new compulsory beneficiaries of health insurance, including children under 6-years-old, those receiving unemployment benefits, students, relatives of laborers, and members of cooperatives. There are now 24 groups with mandatory health insurance.

The maximum health insurance payment is six percent of salary, wages and social insurance benefits, scholarship or general minimum salary. Employers pay two thirds of the amount and the employee one-third. The maximum salary that applies to calculating the health insurance payment is 20 times the minimum salary.

There is new regulation on family health insurance programs and transportation payments for those on welfare who need emergency treatment or who need to be transferred to another clinic or hospital. Those insured may receive tests and diagnosis approved by the health minister. 

By Anh Phuong - Translated by Nguyen Thanh Huong

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