Legislators Want Strict Management of National Key Projects

The National Assembly (NA) on May 29 discussed a resolution on standards of the country’s key projects. The resolution will increase the legislative body's management role over investments for the projects. 

NA deputy Phan Anh Minh of Ho Chi Minh City presents his ideas

VND20 trillion or more in investment

Many NA deputies agreed on an investment criterion suggested by the NA Committee for Science, Technology and Environment. They want the legislative body to decide on a common threshold of VND20 trillion in investment for a State-funded project and VND25 trillion for a project funded by other sources.

Legislators focused on how to ensure the quality and construction pace of key projects after the NA approves investment conditions.

NA supervision must be improved

NA deputy Nguyen Tai Luong of Ha Noi said the NA supervision on some national key projects was weak. As national key projects have considerable influence on the nation’s socio-economic development, the NA now needs to set up specialized supervision teams and facilitate the public’s supervision. The draft resolution does not go into detail, said Mr. Luong.

NA deputy Truong Cong Lap of Bac Lieu Province stressed the importance of the NA’s supervision, inspection and action to prevent and crack down on wrongdoings and corruption during the construction of the national key projects.

NA deputy Nguyen Dinh Loc of Ho Chi Minh City proposed that the NA should take responsibility because the construction of some national key projects have fallen behind schedule and they have been less effective than expected.  

Regarding how to discover wrongdoings, NA deputy Nguyen Viet Chua of Ha Noi said wrongdoings often take place during the implementation of national key projects. Therefore, the NA should set up a one-year ad hoc board to supervise this implementation regularly, not waiting till the finish.

NA deputy Phan Anh Minh of Ho Chi Minh City urged for specific details on schedules and targets of the national key projects to avoid the current common problems of inaction or "feet-dragging". He said when the completion time exceeds the NA-set schedule, the project needs to be discussed in the NA.

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Van An:

After discussions, most NA deputies were not happy with the five NA-decided projects because of their poor quality and slow pace of construction. So, I think we need to increase the NA’s supervision time and improve this supervision because it is still not effective. I propose more and more supervision, focusing on quality and effectiveness.

Industry Minister Hoang Trung Hai:

The draft resolution says the NA will decide on a common threshold of VND20 trillion in investment for a State-funded project. I think this number should be VND25-30 trillion, because this sum is equal to just about US$2 billion. An additional regulation should be that the NA will decide on projects with half funding from the State budget because we are limiting the use of the State budget.

I agree with Minister for Planning and Investment Nguyen Hong Phuc that the NA do not need to decide on projects funded by other sources. The reason is, besides investment, the project owner has to meet other criteria on environment, resettlement, culture, history and so on.  

Pham Quang Du, former chairman of Petro Vietnam:

Regarding this resolution, I think the NA must really decide on investment for the national key projects, not just approving previously-made decisions. A typical example here is the Dung Quat Oil Refinery project, which was launched before an NA decision. The reason might be it was a urgent situation, so the Prime Minister made the decision before submitting to the NA for approval. It is advisable that the NA is the first to do, and then the Government will carry out the NA decision.

By staff writers – Translated by Tuong Thuy

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