Many Vietnam websites ‘blacklisted’ by Google

On July 30, BKAV, a Vietnamese network security company, announced that recently many people cannot access the Vietnam Football Federation, the Kim Dong Theater as well as a number of websites. 

When readers tried to access the above websites on Firefox or Google Chrome a warning popped up ‘this site contains malicious code, computer virus if you access this website’ (pictured).

Nguyen Minh Duc, director of the Cyber Security Division of BKAV, said that this phenomenon had appeared in 2008, and has recently returned again.

The reason is that these websites have been put onto a Google ‘black list’ and when users access the sites, Google’s built-in Firefox or Chrome automatically checks to find out the access location and address and verifies with the Google ‘black list’. If the address is on the blacklist, the browser will immediately ban user access to it and issue a warning and block the page.

Until yesterday afternoon, the website of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) and Kim Dong Theaters were still not accessible on Firefox or Chrome.

BKAV has issued a recommendation that when such a situation arises, the network administrator should check their website to see if it is really malicious or not.

If infected, the first thing to do is to thoroughly treat the virus on the server. Then visit Google's website at and follow the instructions to remove your site from the blacklist.

For normal use, when receiving malicious code warnings from the browser, you should notify their webmaster to remove your address from the blacklist.

BKAV said that in July alone, 2,533 new computer viruses appeared in Vietnam.

These viruses have infected more than seven million computers. Last month the most dangerous virus was W32.Sality PE that infected more than 356,000 computers.

In July, there were 245 websites of agencies and enterprises in Vietnam that were hacked, of which 17 were hacked by domestic hackers and 228 by foreign hackers.

Source SGGP, Translated by MT

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