Mekong Delta: Many Bogus Land-Related Complaints

Leaders from several Mekong Delta provinces have been holding meetings with hundreds of homeowners who want to reclaim their land, but most of the complaints have been based on illegitimate reasons and inadequate evidence.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hong (L), Chairman of the People's Committee of Ba Tri suburban district talks to a landowner in An Hoa Tay commune

Officials from Ben Tre Province’s Ba Tri suburban district People’s Committee met with 20 landowners in An Ngai Tay, An Hoa Tay, Tan Xuan, and An Duc communes making complaints to take back all the land they had given to a foreign group after receiving unfair monetary compensation from authorities between 1980 and 1982.

Mr. Nguyen Van Ngau in An Duc commune said that he had given four hectares of his land to the group and that when it was dissolved, only two hectares were given back to him. Mr. Ngau asked local authorities to return the rest of his land.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang in An Ngai Tay commune is in the same situation. About two of the 5.7 hectares of his land given to the group were returned to him. Although in 2002, local officials gave him back a further 0.5 hectares, Mr. Hoang is still asking for the full 5.7 hectares.

In talks with local officials yesterday, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phan in An Ngai Tay commune also asked to retrieve 1.6 square kilometers of her land which was lent to local authorities in 1945. The Ba Tri suburban district People’s Committee promised further investigation to verify the case and if Ms. Phan’s complaint is genuine, she will receive appropriate compensation. However, if Ms. Phan had already sold the land, her case will be closed without any settlement.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hong, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ba Tri suburban district said that most of the cases had already been settled by local functional agencies and in the first few years, most of the owners were content with their compensation – the complaints have only started recently.

Therefore, the Ba Tri suburban district People’s Committee suggested that local residents should abide by the laws and put an end to their drawn-out complaints.

The Ba Tri suburban district People’s Committee will verify and provide concrete feedback on each case in one month.

Mr. Huynh The Nang, Vice Chairman of the An Giang province People’s Committee, came to the town of Long Binh in the An Phu suburban district yesterday to handle complaints from local landowners who wanted to retrieve the land which they claimed to have been taken to build Border Post No. 933.

One of the complainers, Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, said that his family had bought 1,000 square meters but it was taken for the border post. However, when asked for evidence, Mr. Binh could not provide adequate papers to prove his possession of the land.

According to the Long Binh town People’s Committee’s statistics, the total area of the border post is only 1.2 hectares while 72 homeowners are asking for retrieval of 1.8 hectares.

Border Post No. 933 was built a very long time ago and only recently, when land prices increased, did local people start to ask for their land back.

According to Mr. Nang, the provincial officials will take each case into consideration and there will be appropriate solutions to the genuine complaints. Land-related disputes between individuals will be handled by local authorities. Moreover, support will be given to disadvantaged families to help them settle down.

The An Phu suburban district People’s Committee began to receive complaints from local people this morning and will start to verify each case according to the laws. 

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By Staff Writers – Translated by Khanh Hong

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