Ministers to Be Dismissed in Serious Corruption Cases

The heads of State agencies, ministers, and chairpersons of the People’s Councils and People’s Committees of all 64 provinces and centrally-managed cities who fail to prevent or deal with corruption face dismissal, a government decree issued on Friday said.

Vietnamese lawmakers have made efforts to crack down on corruption

The provision classifies four corruption levels: less severe, severe, very severe, and extremely severe. There are different definitions for the levels.

The officials face dismissal if extremely severe corruption cases are found in their agencies or organizations.

When a corruption is discovered at an agency, if its heads fail to prevent further corruption or lessen the impacts, or to punish officials engaged in corrupt practices, the penalty for them will increase by one level.

It will be decreased by one level if they have necessary measures to minimize the impacts and punish the offenders. 

Regarding imprisonments, those found guilty in a less severe case are given three year imprisonment or a lighter punishment. In a severe case, the guilty are imprisoned between three and seven years. The offenders in a very severe case face an imprisonment of seven and 15 years. As for an extremely severe case, the penalty is at least 15 years, up to a life sentence or death sentence.

By Nam Quoc – Translated by Tuong Thuy

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