Ministries discuss traffic safety for electric motorbike drivers

Vietnam has around 2 million electric motorbikes and most of them are smuggled through border gates so they do not have clear origin and their quality and safety are not tested, the Ministry of Transport reported in a meeting on August 26 over the safety measures for electric motorcycle drivers in the country.

The ministry also said it has just issued certificates of safety technique to over 25,000 vehicles and only 70 vehicles were registered so far this year.

In addition, Dr. Gabit Ismailov from the World Health Organization also pointed out that a WHO’s study carried out for the second quarter of the year showed that over 87 percent of electric motorbike drivers did not wear helmet and 80 percent of them were under eighteen.

Students often drive zigzagging streets around schools, speeding, overloading and violating the traffic regulations, causing gridlock in front of schools, experts said.

The Ministry of Public Security said that it has reported the situation to the Prime Minister and the PM ordered the Ministry of Transport to control over the electric vehicle registration. Besides, the Ministry of Finance will issue guideline on registration fees for electric motorbikes.

Currently there has been no regulation on management of the vehicles.

The Ministry of Public Security petitioned that the government should have regulations on the age of drivers.

The representative from the Ministry of Education and Training said that the ministry has sent its document to local education departments asking them to release information of traffic safety to students and penalties for those who violate the road traffic safety law.

By Bich Quyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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