Ministry proposed permission of Vietnamese at casinos

The Ministry of Finance has submitted the Government a draft decree on casino business which proposes to allow Vietnamese at casinos.

Eligible Vietnamese aging 21 and older should be permitted to play at casinos. More specific conditions will be given by the Government.

The proposal started from the fact that a number of Vietnamese are bringing money to oversea casinos. The permission aims to prevent flows of foreign currency out of the country.

Oversea Vietnamese and foreigners legally entering Vietnam with valid passports granted by authorized foreign agencies will also be allowed in casinos, according to decree.

In casino business, the draft decree suggested that investors of tourism and amusement complexes including casinos must have at least five year experience in this field. They must have a minimum capital of US$4 billion and be able to prove their financial abilities.

The Prime Minister will rule the minimum amount of investment capital in each period in accordance with the market development, according to the draft decree.

By Ham Yen – Translated by Hai Mien

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