NA urged to avoid gov't overlap in law

National Assembly Standing Committee members yesterday discussed amendments to the Law on Government Organisation and the Law on Local Government Organisation.

During their discussions, most deputies suggested the law should detail more specific rights and obligations to avoid overlapping governmental spheres of activity. The changes must also accord with the 2013 Constitution and the Prime Minister's rights and obligations, making it a tricky task.

Truong Thi Mai, Chairwoman of the National Committee on Social Affairs, and Ksor Phuoc, Chairman of the National Assembly's Ethnic Minorities Council, said the number of deputy ministers in a ministry should not be fixed at five. Rather, it should be more flexible and based on the scope of the ministry.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development was thrown around as an example.

"This ministry is very big as it grew out of a merger of several ministries, including the ministry of fisheries, the ministry of forestry and the ministry of agriculture," Mai said.

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said the number of deputies must be based on what is written in the law - five for all ministries except the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Defence, which can have six.

A discussion on the revised Law on Government Organisation was scheduled for May when a full house meeting could be organised. The meeting will be the final discussion before the law is approved.

In his opening speech, Bui Ngoc Hoa, Permanent Deputy Chief Judge of Viet Nam Supreme People's Court said the three years old Law on Administrative Procedures had exposed quite a lot of limitations to respond to administrative complaints, particularly the 2013 Constitution.

The draft of the revised Law on Administrative Procedures has 22 chapters and 340 articles - an increase of 75 articles compared to the existing Law on Administrative Procedures.


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