New traffic regulation increases fine from August 1

The Vietnamese government decided to increase fines for traffic violation to deter people from breach the law. The new regulation takes effects on August 1.

As per the government’s decree for road and railway traffic, drunk drivers will be fined VND 16-18 million (US$713.7-802.9). The fine leaped from VND10-15 million to VND 16-18 million. Those who refuse to take a test of alcohol level required by police officer will receive the same fine.

The decree also said that drivers will be fined VND7-8 million (US$312- 356.8) if they used their feet to drive or for those who drive fast or exceed the speed limit. These traffic violators will be fined VND18-20 million (US$802.9-892) if they caused accidents or don’t stop as per a law enforcement official’s requirement.

Truck drivers’ driving license who are addicts will be revoked within 22-24 month or pay VND16-18 million (US$713.7-802.9) for those have not had driving license or their license is kept by patrollers.

According to the new government’s decree, using mobile phones when driving will result in fines from VND100,000-200,000 (US$4.46-8.92) while the old fine is VND60,000-200,000.

Those who do not wear helmet while driving will be also fined VND100,000-200,000.

By Phan Thao - Translated by Anh Quan

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