Officials should compensate people for errors: NA

If officials make errors that cause economic problems or losses for people through incompetence or incorrect paper work, they should have to pay compensation the Standing Committee of the National Assembly (NA) said. This was announced at a conference on the compensation draft law by the Permanent Ethnic Minority Council and committees of the National Assembly March 11.

People at a service counter of a district People’s Committee in HCM City. If officials and civil servants make errors and cause economic problems or losses for people, they should have to pay compensation, the NA Steering Committee suggested. (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

According to the chairman of the NA Standing Committee, Nguyen Van Thuan, the committee had adjusted the compensation draft after studying opinions from NA members to make officials’ responsibilities clearer.

Clause 12 of the adjusted law regulates that if people in the civil service cause problems for people through mistakes in paperwork, they should refund the state the money that has been paid to compensate for damages claimed by people.

Deputy Chairman of the NA Economic Committee Le Quoc Dung said that current regulations on responsibilities of cadres and civil servants are not strong enough.

Besides regulating that officials should have to pay compensation for economic damages, the new law should be supplemented with other clauses, such as administrative discipline.

A delegate asked if cadres and civil servants do not carry out their duties at all and cause economic problems, should people also receive compensation.

Another said that if the compensation scope is too wide, it would be very risky for the state budget and overly worry cadres and civil servants.

Meanwhile, the steering committee insists that officials and civil servants have to provide  compensation if they cause economic damages for people by not carrying out their duties or competently.

It is hoped the draft regulation shows the state’s responsibility to it citizens and makes cadres and civil servants more proactive.


Deputy Chairman of the NA Economic Committee Le Quoc Dung said that “in the case that people do not ask for compensation. Cadres and civil servants can take advantage and run away from responsibilities when they cause problems for people.”

n order to ensure the practicality, the steering committee suggested the law should list cases that will be compensated if officials do not carry out their duties and cause economic damage. For example, if officials do not grant a business license and investment certificate that leads to people losing money, officials should have to compensate.

The steering committee said that it is not necessary to limit eligible cases for compensation to eleven, as proposed in the government draft submitted to the NA earlier.

Agreeing with the standing committee’s opinion, a representative of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front worried about limiting the scope of compensation and that it may continue officials and civil servants not meeting people’s requirements.

Source: Thanh Nien - Translated by H.Mien

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