Police arrest former Hai Phong official in land seizure case

Colonel Pham Duy Dien from Hai Phong Police Department said on January 2 that the crime police agency had decided to prosecute Le Van Hien, former chairman of the People's Committee of Tien Lang District, for misconduct and unlawful seizure of land last year.

Le Van Hien has been accused of ‘irresponsible behavior causing serious consequences’, under Article 285 of the Penal Code.

Currently, he is under house arrest and banned from leaving his residence.

Last January, local authorities carried out a forcible eviction of a piece of land in which Doan Van Vuon, 49, was running a lucrative aquaculture business.

The land was supposedly at that time about to expire its lease with the Government.

At the time of the incident, Hien was deputy secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the People's Committee of Tien Lang District.

On January 5 last year, farmer Vuon tried to protect his property using homemade mines and shotguns and fought back the land revocation claim in which five people were injured, including some policemen.

The case drew a public outcry by farmers against land seizures. It also brought Hien's subordinates, including former deputy chairman of the People's Committee, Nguyen Van Khanh, and former head of the district's natural resources and environment division, Pham Xuan Hoa, to be prosecuted for alleged ‘property destruction’.

Pham Duy Dien, said investigations would center on lack of responsibility that caused serious consequences, as set down in Article 285 of the Penal Code.

Meanwhile, on December 28, police accused farmer Vuon and five other of his family members of murderous acts and struggle against persons on duty.

The trial is expected to be held before Tet Lunar New Year

Source SGGP, Translated by Dan

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